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I did see a couple of Waxeyes this winter but with the warmer weatheer and it has been warmer this spring, they must have returned to Central Otago and don't want the bird seed I put out every morning for the sparrows or finches which currently come around for a feed

A couple of oldies dug out for a thread at Cambridge in Colour. 'Fun on the high side' back in 2004 with my new Panasonic FZ20 . 5Mp x12 zoomed camera with constant f/2.8 like the latest FZ200.

It had neatly flipped on its side in the mudpool to produce the 'Two Tone"

In the endless discussion between those who insist the DSLR is the only camera type for quality work and those who enjoy using cameras which have developed as a result of digital I ran a test of my five digital cameras and dissatisfied with the nightshot from a P&S camera posted I checked as to what my over 10yo Canon s20 3.3Mp P&S could do. LIghting from a Dolphin torch "Night Guardian" as the figure marks the burial place of the ashes of my companion of fifteen years 'Smudge' who was a long haired white [ almost ]. She has been gone nearly two years in Nov 2013.

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